Registry update

We made some major/minor changes to the Registry software last week. If you’ve used it lately you may have noticed the fairly ugly tabs that replaced the links at the top of the browse pages. They still need some work, but it’s generally a lower priority than some other things.

The major change was reworking a significant amount of the Registry code to bring it up to the Symfony 1.0 release. We’d been working with a fairly ancient version of Symfony while waiting for the final and as a result there were significant structural changes required. We also wrote a bunch of automated functional tests so that we can be a bit more confident that future releases will have fewer bugs. You shouldn’t notice any of this when using the Registry, but please let us know if we broke anything.

We cleared up a few small existing bugs, one of which was that the Registry was a little too aggressive in checking to see if a prefLabel was unique, so the check is now local to the Vocabulary instead of the entire Registry. Another was that under some circumstances the URIs generated by the Registry Sandbox had a hard-to-see double slash after the base domain, causing the URIs to fail to resolve properly. In addition to fixing the bug we also fixed all of the bad existing URIs.

More updates are imminent.

One thought on “Registry update”

  1. How could you tell the Registry was too aggressive when checking the identity of preflabel? What was it doing to the Registry? I am still trying to get my head around this. I am having difficulties which are probably simple. I just can’t see them. Thanks.

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