SPARQL queries

We’re using?Benjamin Nowack‘s excellent?ARC libraries?for a tiny bit of our RDF management. It may surprise you to know that we don’t use a triple store as our primary data store, but we do too many things with the data that we think are cumbersome at best when managed exclusively in a triple store (a subject for another post someday). Still, last year we started nightly importing of the full Registry into the ARC RDF store and enabled a?SPARQL?endpoint, thinking that it might be useful.

Lately, we’ve heard a few folks wishing for better searching in the Registry and since we’re actively building an entirely new version of the Registry in Drupal (a subject for another post someday) we’re loathe to spend time doing any serious upgrading of the current Registry. But we have SPARQL!

Yesterday, as part of another conversation, a colleague helped me figure out what I think is a fairly useful search query. If you follow the link, you’ll be taken to the Registry’s SPARQL endpoint which will?display inline a list of all of the skos:Concepts in the RDA vocabularies which have no definitions. Well, 250 of them anyway since that’s the arbitrary limit we’ve set on the endpoint. They’re not hyperlinked (which would be really useful) but it’s still good info.

The SPARQL query used to create the list:

PREFIX skos: <>?
WHERE { GRAPH ?g { ?s ?p ?o . }
OPTIONAL { ?s skos:definition ?Thing . }
FILTER (!bound(?Thing))
FILTER regex(str(?s), "^")}

…can be used to find any missing property?(see ‘optional’)?and the regex used in the filter can be modified to limit the search to any vocabulary, group of vocabularies, or a domain. I’m not enough of a SPARQL expert (meaning I’m completely clueless) to know how to filter by attribute, but it should be possible, if not easy, to find skos:Concepts that have an English definition, but no German definition (I look forward to your comments).

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