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Check Your Bookmarks!

As of today, the link to Step-by-Step instruction on the Registry front page has been updated (and not a moment too soon). The new link still goes to the Registry Wiki, but the link itself is different, so those of you eager users who have bookmarked the old instructions might want to take a look at the new ones and update those bookmarks. The old instructions are still there, and, at the moment, not necessarily wrong, but they show the old logo, are pretty sparse in places, and haven’t been updated in a while so lack a few important functional bits.

The instructions are a work in progress–still being rewritten, expanded, and primped. We plan to continue building them up, and in addition are working on some training screencasts (with the valuable help of Tom Johnson)–and we’ll link those to the instructions as we complete them. We’ll try to continue to pop up and let you know when new parts are completed (you can see some empty stubs where we’ll be working along). As always we’re happy to hear if you have suggestions, complaints, etc., and votes for where we should be working next will be welcome (though not necessarily something we’re guaranteed to pay attention to).

We’re still working on planning for some major changes in the fairly near future, at which time the documentation will again be updated (we hope on a more ambitious schedule). As we all know, the work of a documentarian never ends … (can I have some cheese with that w(h)ine?)